Okanagan E Bike Safaris

E-Bike Safaris

In keeping with Public Health Orders relating to Covid -19, the tourism sector in the South Okanagan has changed the ways in which we conduct business. Compliance with PHO’s keeps our guests, our staff and our partners safe. In keeping with these changes, South Okanagan E-Bike Safaris find we must now plan further ahead of time than we have in the past. We are encouraging our guests to book as far in advance of your Wine Safari day as possible.

A significant change in the ways wineries operate is that of utilizing reservations for wine tastings, allowing them both to keep guests physically distanced and the time to sanitize tasting stations between tastings. Although we saw this new measure enhance the experiences of visitors, it does present challenges for touring companies such as ourselves. Planning well ahead of time is now essential. This will allow us the time to structure your day in such a way that allows for your maximum enjoyment, we must plan well ahead of time as we have to take into consideration many variables; which wineries we will visit, the distances between them, the terrain, fitness levels etc.

We at South Okanagan E-Bike Safaris recognize booking far in advance may be uncomfortable for you. You may wonder whether you could get a refund should you be unable to take part in the Safari. Rest assured, our cancellation policy allows for a two week cancellation, as well as cancellation and full refunds or credit for situations such an inclement weather, fire, travel restrictions, personal illness or public Health Orders that don’t allow for participation.

Should you have any questions at all about our cancellation policy or other concerns, we encourage you to email us using the contact us form or by calling us.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ultimate way to experience the South Okanagan!

Max and Debbie.

Osoyoos Wine Safari

Join our Osoyoos Wine Safari, to visit our fabulous hand-picked wineries. At the  wineries, we will introduce you to their staff who will showcase and share with you their great products. While cycling through this beautiful town with the warmest lake in Canada, our safari guide will fill your afternoon with fun facts about the beautiful South Okanagan, and tell you about beautiful places to spend your vacation time. -$149.00 per person plus GST – 10:30am to 3:00pm approx. (includes set up time), excluding wine tasting fees. Includes light snack at the end of the safari.  Minimum age 19 years old.

Black Sage Road Wine Safari

Our safari starts by meeting at the Oliver Tourism office, then getting you fitted to your E-Bike. We will travel along beautiful Black Sage Road taking in the most amazing views of our valley in all its splendor and colour, miles and miles of orchards, vineyards, trees and sagebrush bush. Every now and again your safari guide will stop at selected premium wineries and introduce you to their friendly and knowledgeable staff who will share with you their fine wines and the stories that accompany them. $139.00 per person plus GST -10:30am to 3:00pm approx. (includes set up time at our rendezvous point), excluding wine tasting fees. Minimum age 19 years old.

Black Sage Wine Super Safari

This Super Safari is for those who want to spend more time on beautiful Black Sage visiting a fourth winery and having a one hour lunch stop and wine tasting. $169.00 per person plus GST – 9:30am – 3:30pm approx. (includes set up time), excluding wine tasting fees and lunch. Minimum age 19 years old.

Naramata Bench Wine Safari

Join this Spectacular safari, riding up the historic KVR and looking out over Lake Okanagan from the entrance to Little Tunnel back towards Penticton and even as far as Skaha Lake stopping at three selected premium wineries. $169.00 per person plus GST – 10:30am to 3:00pm approx. (includes set up time, transportation, excludes wine tasting fees). Includes snack at our last winery. Minimum age 19.

Get to Know Osoyoos Safari

An absolute must do! Book this amazing Safari and our knowledgeable guide will introduce you to Osoyoos and the South Okanagan sharing its history, highlights, facts and stories. Our guide will take you to many places and  you can come back to the ones that you want to explore further during your vacation time here. We will also tell you of places further afield that will be of great interest. We encourage you to book this safari at the beginning or close to, the start of your holiday here in the South Okanagan. $119.00 per person plus GST – Approximately 3hrs (includes set up time). 16-18 year olds to be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Call to Book and Set Safari Times

Cycle Skaha Lake Safari

Let us take you for an enjoyable and memorable ride along yet another beautiful lake. Cycle past huge rock faces on one side and the inviting blue waters of the lake on the other side. Learn a little local knowledge about OK Falls and Penticton, and of other attractions throughout our valley. $119.00 per person plus GST – Approximately 3hrs (includes set up time). 16-18 yrs olds to be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Call to Book and Set Safari Times

Completely customized Safari

If you have a group of 6 or more, you may want to customize your ride and utilitze the whole day to discover even more! Get out and take advantage of the cooler mornings, stop for lunch at one of Okanagan’s fine winery’s restaurants and then break a sweat in the afternoon, by combining a “Get To Know Osoyoos Safari” with other attractions on your wish list!

Customized safaris are for a minimum of 6 people, lasting between 6 to 8 hours. These will include everything our usual Safaris do depending on where we are and what we do.

There are three distinct parts of the Kettle Valley Railway trail to explore: Naramata area, Skaha lake or Oliver to the ox-bows, with wineries to visit if you wish! You can enjoy a good brisk ride out to Spotted Lake, and we can show you how to get to Kobau mountain, as well as inform you on what to find up Anarchist Mountain so you can plan trips up both. The possibilities are as endless as our imaginations! Check off the attractions and let us design your safari. Subject to availability.

All the Safari Details

South Okanagan E-Bike Safaris is a fully mobile company – we will meet you at a predetermined rendezvous point with our mobile shop. We provide great bikes, great value and the most fun you will have on two wheels with a knowledgeable and safety conscious guide. Provincial Law requires helmets to be worn at all times whilst riding, and all participants must be over 16yrs of age (over 16 but under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian).

Once you have completed your on-line booking we will look after the rest. All our safaris include:

  • Your Cube 250 watt E-Bike
  • A new water bottle (yours to keep)
  • Bike lock
  • Front and rear lights
  • Stand
  • Carrier rack with bag
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Hi-visibility safety stripes

We will custom fit bikes for maximum comfort and safety and ensure you know how to get the most out of your eBike safari. Before we set off on our safari, we will also explain to you about cycling conditions, our wildlife and about our plants, in order to keep everyone safe. For your peace of mind your guide will be equipped with a phone, two way radio and GPS, and is fully trained in First Aid and Occupational Health & Safety. He is also knowledgeable, entertaining and fun. Read more about our 2020 safety protocols.

What you need to bring

We are in the very northern part of the Sonoran Desert where temperatures can soar into the high 30’s and the sun is very strong. This is a dry desert area, with mountainous terrain which can all be enjoyed much more by using sun protection and ensuring you are hydrated.

You need to bring :

  • Sunscreen
  • Soft hat (for when you are not riding)
  • Cycling shorts (optional)
  • Cycling gloves (optional)
  • Closed shoes, preferably stiff soled, runners or hiking shoes
  • Light coloured clothing
  • Long sleeves and long trekking pants (optional)
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal wallet with Government Issued Photo ID & Medical Card/Insurance
  • Any other personal essentials (eg: medications, Epipen & inhalers)
  • Snacks for lunch

Your E-Bike will have a water resistant and removable bag on the rear rack for personal belongings.


Your E-Bike

You will love our new Cube Town Sport Hybrid eBikes. They are brand-new for the 2019 season and offer the best, easiest ride imaginable. If you can ride a bike even slowly, we guarantee it will be a breeze.

– Smooth, simple gears
– Powerful pedal assist motor
– You choose level of assistance
– Strongly built and super safe

Terms and Conditions

Waiver & Release of Liability
Each individual rider is required to read and sign our waiver and release of liability Agreement and our COVID 19 waiver of Liability before boarding their safari. You are encouraged to have this form completed in advance and bring with you to save time on the day of the safari. Forms will also be on hand the day of your safari in case you forget. However, this process can take up to 15 minutes, so if you have it ready in advance you get more time for having fun!

In order for us to book you on your selected tour we have to commit your bike and all accessories included in your reservation. Depending on which tour you do we may need to commit transportation, make winery reservations and commit resources. Full payment will be required to book your tour, but our guests will be able to cancel with full refund up to 14 days prior to reservation date. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to the reservation date we cannot refund your reservation amount but will endeavor to re-book you during the same year at no additional cost.

Persons under 18 years of age
British Columbia Law will not allow anyone under 16 years of age to use an electric pedal assisted bicycle. Persons over 16 and under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

In the need for pick up
In order to ensure safety we may on occasion need to pick up guests from multiple locations and travel by van to our start point which, in order to get started on time, we may need to pick up guests earlier to fit bikes and helmets, as well as perform safety talks. Once reservations have been made and minimum bookings are filled we will confirm reservation and pick up times. NOTE: we have temporarily suspended use of our van. Each Safari will have a designated meeting point.

Wine safaris
Please endeavor to refrain from using cologne and perfumes as this will not only have an effect on your wine tasting experience but of those around you. Tasting fees may vary between wineries and are not included unless specifically stated in tour description.

Our Mandate
We are committed to ensuring you have fun, learn facts about our magnificent valley, allow us to make your vacation memorable and to make sure that we get you back safely. Please ensure you behave responsibly and remain within legal limits for your and everyone else’s enjoyment and safety. Impairment has no place on safaris – only Fun and Sun do!