Okanagan E Bike Safaris

Our Green Policy

We,  At South Okanagan E-Bike Safaris are committed passionately towards working in a sustainable manner and have decided to adopt the following action plan.

Our Goals are that we:

  • meet or exceed all the requirements of Environmental Legislation and codes of practice.
  • constantly seek to improve our environmental and social performance.
  • reduce, re-use and re-cycle in order to reduce the use of energy, water and resources.
  • further pledge to reduce pollution, harmful emissions and waste.
  • raise awareness, encourage participation and constantly demonstrate our sustainable business practices.
  • expect similar environmental practices from our suppliers and partners.
  • assist customers to increase their environmental awareness and use of products and services.
  • support and work with local community to preserve and improve our environment.
  • continually reduce our risks associated with social, environmental and occupational issues.
  • have joined Green Tourism Canada as an indicator of our support towards sustainability

Suggestions we took to make ourselves greener. Try them for yourselves...

  • Take out more than you brought in, whenever you are out in the South Okanagan try to leave the environment cleaner and greener than it was before you visited.
  • Help out anyone that needs assistance, ask them if you can assist them.
  • Help local businesses to serve you better, buy local, buy fresh, buy tasty!
  • Assist us to conserve energy and save water, turn the lights off and don’t run the water while you brush your teeth please.
  • Try to buy minimally wrapped products, we only have a small landfill!
  • Respect nature, enjoy our birds, animals, fish and fauna and have fun.
  • Support Green Tourism Businesses as much as you can for the good of our planet. There are hundreds of businesses trying to reduce their environmental impacts through Green Tourism Canada.
  • Give the car a rest and use a bicycle or E-Bike and see more of nature.