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About South Okanagan E-Bike Safaris

We love exploring this unique piece of heaven we call home, and we love to cycle. That in a nutshell is the story behind South Okanagan E-Bike Safaris.  We warmly welcome you to share the adventure with us.

We have invested in the very latest German-made Cube E-bikes so discovering the deserts, lakes, mountains, vineyards and orchards of the South Okanagan will be as effortless as you wish, and lots of fun. Not only that, we have a people carrier and mobile workshop to ensure your total comfort and security. We have created three tour options to match your interests; one is a general tour and the other two involve stops at some of our world-renowned wineries. You may even want to try all three!

One final personal note: we aren’t just the owners of South Okanagan E-Bike Safaris, we are also your guides.  We really look forward to seeing you soon!

Max and Debbie

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Another World

The South Okanagan truly is another world: a geographical quirk of nature that created incredible variety in a relatively compact, easily explorable area. Parched desert, lush orchards, majestic mountains, rolling vineyards and surprisingly warm lakes, interspersed with characterful towns and villages. It is all here. And what better way to see it than by ebike? We tour at a leisurely pace, giving lots of opportunity to appreciate the South Okanagan’s natural wonders, as well as some pretty impressive human creations, including top-rated wines and cheeses and pretty towns that you might want to return to after the cycle tour.

Should I rent an E-Bike somewhere else or should I join a guided E-Bike safari?

Generally, E Bike rentals run around $30.00 per hour or $80.00/day.

By booking with us you:

  • Can avoid certain problems.
  • Maximize your time.
  • Priority service at wineries as guide pre-books winery and restaurants.
  • See more and live like a local.
  • Meet other riders with similar interests.
  • Learn about other attractions throughout the Valley.
  • Feel satisfied that you saw and did more than had you not been with a guide.

Depending  on the safari you  book, we generally come to where you are and both pick you up and return you, with our passenger van and trailer. We size your bike, Teach you how to maximise power and gear selection, safe steering and braking techniques and explain what needs to be done to keep you safe and secure and keep you pedaling. Whilst stopped at wineries, restaurants or other attractions your bicycle will always be secure, so need to worry about  its safety.

Safety is of upmost importance to us and not only will you be using a well maintained Cube E-Bike but your guide is trained in first aid and also carries an AED, walkie talkies and cell phone. We want you to have fun, meet people, learn about our valley and at the end of your safari return you safely to enjoy the rest of your time here.