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Black Sage Road Wine Safari

Join our Black Sage Road winery Safari and experience the premium wineries on the hillside. 

Get to Know Osoyoos Safari

So many times we go to beautiful places and miss so many attractions. Don’t miss this one!

Osoyoos Wine Safari

Join our Osoyoos Wine Safari, to visit our fabulous hand picked wineries.

Cycle Skaha Lake Safari

Come and ride Skaha lake and enjoy the tranquil views and breathtaking scenery.

Naramata Bench Wine Safari

Enjoy this amazing ride on the Kettle Valley Railway Trail and premium wineries to visit.

To Rent or Not to Rent...

Should I rent an E-Bike or should I join a guided E-Bike tour or safari?

Did we mention that your bike helps with the pedaling?

We provide you with a Cube 250 watt E-Bike, which contains an electric motor to assist you with pedaling, if needed. Our Safaris are the most fun you will have on two wheels, directed by a knowledgeable and safety conscious guide.

Once you have completed your on-line booking we will look after the rest!

We are GREEN!

We at South Okanagan E-Bike Safaris are passionately committed to working in a sustainable manner and have decided to adopt a green action plan, Check it out!

In the “Be Green” page on our website, we share ideas that that anyone can do to become more environmentally conscious. We hope the information will help you learn how to be a greener visitor.  Thank you.

Max and Debbie Barclay
Safari Operators and Guides.

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